Scott Page

I have more than a decade of writing, editing, photography, and graphic design experience, and my work has been awarded by the Florida Press Association eight times. I live in sunny St. Petersburg (Fla.), and my interests include science, history, culture, art, religion, spirituality, and their influences on human consciousness and our ability to make sense of this utterly peculiar experiment we call reality.

2013-2014 Programs of the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

This annual science programs document provides an overview of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's major programs and is intended to present readers with an enhanced understanding of the scope and purpose of the agency's scientific inquiry of Florida's natural resources. I wrote all of the science program descriptions and project feature articles throughout the publication. I also helped design the document and layout the pages.
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Feathers shall raise men towards the heaven, even as they do the birds — that is by the letters written by their quills.

Leonardo da Vinci